Welcome to Keineid Gaming

We're a community focused on its members. We offer opportunities for every level of dedication. While Destiny is our primary focus, we're gamers from every walk of life and any platform. If you enjoy games, you'll fit right in!



With Destiny 2 on the horizon, and embedded clans playing a large role in the game, we're rallying the troops and getting ready to forge ahead into the Darkness once again!

We welcome Guardians of every play style and availability. A well balanced community means having a place for raiders and Crucible-junkies alike. Whether you're on every day or have to plan ahead to ensure you make the monthly raid, having a community around you makes gaming come alive!

Keineid also has a strong sense of meta-game activity as well! Whether you stream gameplay, edit montages, design graphics, build websites, or more, we support creative endeavors! Combining our team's skills results in some unbelievably amazing experiences. Let us know if you want to get involved!