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Keineid Gaming - Code of Conduct

edited June 2017 in General

Keineid Gaming is a community focused on providing the best gaming experience possible to each and every one of its members.

When someone hears the name Keineid Gaming, we want them to immediately think of an open community that is continually evolving, expanding, and benefitting not only their own members, but everyone around them.

Keineid Gaming’s strength comes from the diversity of our players; diversity in age, experience, location, skill level, goals, and so much more. We both celebrate that diversity, and rely on it to shape and inform who we are as a community. As such, this Code of Conduct aims to establish how members of Keineid Gaming should represent themselves (and thus the entire community) in both public and private community matters.

We Aim To:

Be Considerate

A community is made up of day-to-day interactions between members, leaders, and the outside world. We need to consider our actions and words around others. Everything you post, share, or request becomes ingrained as a part of Keineid Gaming. If it might have a negative impact on your fellow community members, pause and think about it.

Take Responsibility

Accidents happen. There can be unforeseen consequences to our well-intentioned actions. The world isn’t going to end at the drop of a hat. You will, though, be expected to take responsibility for your actions. If someone has been legitimately harmed or offended, we expect you to actively take part in resolving the problem and bearing any necessary repercussions.

Work Together

We don’t expect everyone to donate their life savings or be a 24/7 community leader. We do hope, though, that you give back to the community that you enjoy. If everyone brings their unique abilities and ideas to the table, Keineid Gaming will be a community like no other. Create graphics, lead a game sub-community, start a competitive team, help newbies get adjusted to their new community home; the possibilities are endless. Get out there and do what you love!

Encourage Growth

On a per-game basis and on the whole, Keineid Gaming is meant to grow organically. New members means more diverse ideas, interests, and abilities. Be on the lookout while you play for teammates (or rivals!) who you think would make good additions to our community.

Enjoy Ourselves

The culmination of all that’s been said before, and all that will come after. Our end goal is to enjoy ourselves while adding value to the games and communities we take part in. If everyone is doing what they love, this goal falls into place without even thinking about it.

Leadership and Responsibility

The direction of a community can be vastly shaped by those elected to lead it. Leadership in Keineid Gaming is a fluid, but important system. Sub-Communities are able to develop and expand their own leadership structure (e.g. one leader per game AND per platform) as needed. All officially recognized community leaders are considered part of the overall Keineid Officers team, and expected to weigh in on community issues as a whole.

Generally, there are two sets of expectations for Keineid Officers. The first is in-game responsibilities, such as organizing parties, maintaining game-based rosters, and so on. The second is overall community responsibilities. These include external recruiting campaigns, moderation of their respective forum/chat sections, and planning larger events for their communities.

Officers are appointed based on their activity and notoriety within a community. While a player may be an incredibly popular and active Officer in one game sub-community, this does not automatically grant them Officer status for every game they officially begin playing. If you are interested in becoming an Officer, start by identifying the needs of your particular sub-community, and do what you can to meet them! If you want to help, but aren’t sure how, contact existing Officers for your sub-community, or the Officers as a general whole. We are here to support each of our members, especially those members who want to involve themselves more deeply with he community.

Ultimately, Officers are responsible for both the great achievements and any troubles involving their sub-communities. Leadership is not for everyone, and there are many ways to contribute to the community without an Officer title. For those that wish to step up and take on additional responsibility and recognition, we look forward to seeing what you can do!

Disciplinary Action

In an ideal world, our community wouldn’t have to worry about disciplining members or groups for actions that bring harm to the community. While we strive towards that admirable goal, it is important that we clearly outline expectations and their consequences for all members.


We ask that you respect your fellow members in ALL forms of communication. While we won’t police every in-game party chat, we ask that you respect the following rules if a party member voices their concern. These rules are strictly enforced in all formal community communications, such as the forums, chat applications, etc.

  • NO posting of images that can be remotely construed as vulgar, sexual, or otherwise generally offensive.
  • NO harassment of individual members via spamming, vulgar language, or other methods.
  • NO language involving demographic-based slurs, or repeat and excessive language.

Community Representation

This involves actions taken both in and out of gameplay. You should maintain the Keineid Code of Conduct expectations, in addition to whatever standards are set by the game and/or community you are taking part in. Examples of behaviors that would violate expectations include, but are NOT limited to:

  • Spamming / harassing non-members in gameplay or external communities.
  • Advertising or engaging in overt cheating/hacking that could result in negative feedback towards Keineid Gaming.
  • Not respecting the right of other members to play and engage their games of choice, how they so choose. This includes overly competitive harassment of less skilled/devoted players AND deliberately holding back more competitive members by joining community activities without following through.

Breaches of these expectations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Generally, violations involving communication breaches will result in a prolonged communications ban, but not necessarily complete removal from the community.

Repeat offenders, or members that do not actively and positively engage their disciplinary issue, will have a very short lead towards complete removal from the community. The goal of Keineid Gaming is to be as open and accessible as possible, but removal of elements that damage such a community is absolutely crucial.

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